Random IT Stuff

Little snippets of random information as we stumble through the world of Infrastructure Support. None of this should be taken as best practice, but it might get you out of a jam.

TCM Security – PNPT Exam

So I took this exam last week and it’s fair to say I failed and pretty hard too. The structure of the exam is really good and I felt that the initial contact was very well written. The Rules of Engagement are super clear and you’re given an Open VPN file to connect to the…

Practical Ethical Hacking – TCM Security

TCM recently had a discount code available to get their Practical Ethical Hacking (PEH) course for $1. In the UK this worked out with taxes to be about £1.10 which in my mind is an absolute bargain. Bearing in mind that I have over 10 years of experience in IT Infrastructure and about a year…

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