Practical Ethical Hacking – TCM Security

TCM recently had a discount code available to get their Practical Ethical Hacking (PEH) course for $1. In the UK this worked out with taxes to be about £1.10 which in my mind is an absolute bargain. Bearing in mind that I have over 10 years of experience in IT Infrastructure and about a year […]

AudioCodes VE, Teams and Gamma

The Background The company I work for has been users of Sonus/Ribbon SBC’s for just shy of 10 years and in that time the devices have become an absolute pain in the backside to support. We have been seeing one minor routing change or an Access Control Entry re-number in our firewalls that completely stops […]

Fortigate MFA – Administration

At work, we have been customers of Fortinet for just under 10 years. During this time we haven’t really had anything wrong to say about their product, the Fortigate. That was until about a year ago when we pursued our Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Before we dived into the audit we went over the scope […]

TryHackMe – Wreath Network

So over the past couple of weeks, I decided to go through the TryHackMe room: Wreath. This room is designed to better understand an entire Pen Testing engagement with a potential customer. This room is really good at going through some very key points that I haven’t found anywhere else (yet) on the TryHackMe website. […]

Kali Dropbox

#Please note any links in this article are affiliate links. You will not be charged extra if you use these links however, I will get some kickback if you do so thank you. As part of performing a Penetration Test, it is often good practice to try and get a device on the internal network, […]

Python Port Scanner inc UDP

If for whatever reason you end up needing to do a port scan against a target but you cannot install NMAP then you may be able to use a Python script. If you do some googling you will find a variety of sources available that show you a script to perform a port scan using […]

Cyber Security/Red Teaming Path

Caveat: I know this isn’t our usual posts where we show some random thing we’ve had to do to make something work. However, I’ve been struggling to find a solid path of how to progress in the following part of the Cyber Security industry so I thought I would post it on here so others […]

Stupidity at its best.

So I’ve been in the IT industry for over ten years working with a variety of organisations doing all sorts of cool things. Thoughout my career I have done a variety of stupid things and as I got older I was convinced that these stupid mistakes would become less or would become so obscure that […]

Poor mans Rubber Ducky in the UK

This is a long one! So a month or so ago I went to an event titled “Cyber Security Masterclass” which was the first event I’ve been to since the whole COVID-19 lockdown thing. The event itself was OK, unfortunately, they aimed it at low-level technical engineers and decision-makers which made it difficult for myself […]

MS SQL encryption with Moodle

If you like things a bit niche you might be running Moodle on Linux connecting to a MS SQL server running on Windows. This all works well with the MS SQL Server drivers for PHP. The drivers support encrypted SQL connections but Moodle doesn’t provide an option to enable this. There is an issue logged […]


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